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Cat # Abbreviation Product Name CAS Description Order Method Price/Packge E-Order
00127 H-Ala-OBzl·TOS L-Alanine benzyl ester tosylate 42854-62-6 >98%,LR, Need Custom Synthesis $44.50/25g $137.00/100g Order
00239 H-Arg-NH2·2HCl L-Arginine amide dihydrochloride 14975-30-5 ,LR, Contact Salesman $180.00/25g $540.00/100g Order
00241 H-Arg-OEt·2HCl L-Arginine ethyl ester dihydrochloride 36589-29-4 ,LR, In Stock $20.00/25g $58.00/100g Order
00443 H-Asp(OBzl)-OH L-Aspartic acid β-benzyl ester 2177-63-1 ,LR, In Stock $36.00/10g $74.00/25g Order
00445 H-Asp(OMe)-OH·HCl L-Aspartic acid β-methyl ester hydrochloride 16856-13-6 ,LR, In Stock $43.00/10g $170.00/50g Order
00446 H-Asp(OtBu)-OH [3057-74-7] L-Aspartic acid β-tert·butyl ester 3057-74-7 ,LR, Contact Salesman $300.00/100g $40.00/5g Order
00451 H-Asp(OEt)-OEt·HCl L-Aspartic acid diethyl ester hydrochloride 16115-68-7 ,LR, Contact Salesman $45.00/5g $125.00/25g Order
00647 H-Cys-OEt·HCl L-Cysteine ethyl ester hydrochloride 868-59-7 ,LR, In Stock $15.00/5g $35.00/25g Order
00755 H-Glu(OtBu)-OH·H2O L-Glutamic acid γ-tert·butyl ester monohydrate 2419-56-9 ,LR, Contact Salesman $385.00/100g $75.00/5g Order
01839 H-Ser-OBzl.HCl L-Serine benzyl ester hydrochloride 60022-62-0 98%,LR,White powder Contact Salesman $100.00/25g $250.00/100g Order
01842 H-Ser-OMe.HCl L-Serine methyl ester hydrochloride 5680-80-8 more than 98%,LR,White to off-white crystal Contact Salesman $40.00/25g $90.00/100g Order
01935 H-Thr-NH2.HCl L-threonine amide hydrochloride 33209-01-7 98%,LR,White powder Contact Salesman $80.30/5g $315.90/25g Order
01937 H-Thr-OtBu.HCl L-threonine tert.butyl ester hydrochloride 69320-90-7 99%,LR,White powder Contact Salesman $80.30/5g $320.60/25g Order
02028 H-Trp-OEtHCl L-tryptophan ethyl ester hydrochloride 2899-28-7 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $60.00/25g $150.00/100g Order
02149 H-Tyr-OMe.HCl L-Tyrosine methyl ester hydrochloride 3417-91-2 98%,LR,Almost white powder with lumps Contact Salesman $24.00/25g $72.00/100g Order
02227 H-Val-OEt.HCl L-Valine ethyl ester hydrochloride 17609-47-1 98%,LR,White powder Contact Salesman $40.00/25g $120.00/100g Order
02229 H-Val-OMe.HCl L-Valine methyl ester hydrochloride 6306-52-1 98%,LR, In Stock $23.00/25g $77.00/100g Order
01719 H-Pro-OBzl.HCl L-Proline benzyl ester hydrochloride 16652-71-4 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $25.00/10g $60.00/50g Order
01723 H-Pro-OMe.HCl L-Proline methyl ester hydrochloride 2133-40-6 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $35.00/25g $70.00/100g Order
01634 H-Phe-OEt.HCl L-Phenylalanine ethyl ester hydrochloride 3182-93-2 98%,LR , Contact Salesman $40.00/25g $70.00/100g Order
01324 H-Leu-OBzl·HCl L-Leucine benzyl ester hydrochloride 2462-35-3 ,LR, Contact Salesman $100.00/5g $200.00/25g Order
01328 H-Leu-OEt·HCl L-Leucine ethyl ester hydrochloride 2743-40-0 ,LR, Contact Salesman $91.10/100g $0.00/500g Order
01331 H-Leu-OMe·HCl L-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride 7517-19-3 ,LR, Contact Salesman $60.00/100g $25.00/25g Order
09803 L-4-OH-Phg-OH L-4-Hydroxyphenylglycine 32462-30-9 ,LR, In Stock $75.00/100g $150.00/500g Order
02907 H-2-Abu-OtBu·HCl L-2-Aminobutyric acid tert·butyl ester hydrochlor 53956-05-1 98%,LR , In Stock $250.00/5g $500.00/25g Order
05302 H-L-Dab-OH L-2,4-Diaminobutyric acid 1883-09-6 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $150.00/5g $400.00/25g Order
06602 H-Hse-OH L-Homoserine 672-15-1 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $450.00/100g $1500.00/500g Order
08901 L-Propargylglycine L-Propargylglycine 198774-27-5 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $2000.00/100g $4000.00/500g Order
02239 H-Val-OBzl·TosOH L-Valine benzyl ester p-toluenesulfonat salt 16652-76-9 above 98%,LR,White powder Contact Salesman $55.00/25g $165.00/100g Order
01940 H-Thr(Bzl)-OBzl·OX L-Threonine O-(phenylmethyl) phenylmethyl ester et 15260-11-4 ,LR, Contact Salesman $70.00/25g $210.00/100g Order
01232 H-Ile-OEt.HCL L-Isoleucine Ethylester Hydrochloride 56782-52-6 ,LR, Contact Salesman $70.00/25g $150.00/100g Order
6022 L-Di-p-methyloxyphenyl-tartaric acid 50583-51-2 99%,LR, Contact Salesman $0.00/500g Order
6314 L-Piperazinecarboxylic acid 147650-70-2 ,LR, In Stock $375.00/5g $562.50/25g Order
6420 L-(-)-Lactic Acid Methyl Ester 27871-49-4 ,LR, In Stock $100.00/500g $200.00/1kg Order
6425 L-(-)-Malic Acid Dimethyl Ester 617-55-0 ,LR, In Stock $137.50/100g $201.25/500g Order
6429 L-(+)-Mandelic Acid Ethyl Ester 13704-09-1 ,LR, In Stock $112.50/100g $212.50/500g Order
6431 L-(+)-Mandelic Acid Methyl Ester 21210-43-5 ,LR, In Stock $212.50/500g Order
6004 L-(+)-Tartaric Acid Dimethyl Ester 608-68-4 ,LR, In Stock $150.00/500g $212.50/1kg Order
5419 Lactobionic acid 96-82-2 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $0.00/ Order
02034 L-Trp-NH2.HCl L-Tryptophanamide hydrochloride 5022-65-1 98%,LR , Contact Salesman $50.00/5g $190.00/25g Order
B16529 L-2-Aminobutanamide hydrochloride 7682-20-4 95%,LR,S)-2-Aminobutyramide hydrochloride; Contact Salesman $0.00/25g $0.00/100g Order
07907 L-tert-Leucinol L-tert-Leucinol 112245-13-3 ,LR, Contact Salesman $250.00/5g $700.00/25g Order
SR03030004 Lawesson's Reagent Lawesson's Reagent 19172-47-5 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $0.00/ Order
SR14050014 Lithium perchlorate 7791-03-9 98%,无水级, Contact Salesman $0.00/ Order
SR14060012 LPO Lauroyl peroxide 105-74-8 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $0.00/ Order
SR19020004 Lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminum hydride Lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminum hydride 17476-04-9 1.0 M in THF ,LR,Colorless Liquid Contact Salesman $0.00/ Order
02243 L-Valinol L-Valinol 2026-48-4 98.0%,LR, Contact Salesman $55.00/5g $220.00/25g Order
01650 L-Phenylalaninol L-Phenylalaninol 3182-95-4 ,LR, Contact Salesman $20.00/5g $25.00/25g Order
RA1035007 Lithium amide 7782-89-0 95%,LR, Contact Salesman $0.00/ Order
02246 H-Val-NH2.HCl L-Valinamide hydrochloride 3014-80-0 98%,LR, Contact Salesman $60.00/25g $180.00/100g Order

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