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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Based on our own protected amino acids,Hanhong can provide custom synthesis peptides at lowest price in China.

Custom RNA,DNA Cynthesis

Based on the core technologies of the RNA,DNA monomer synthesis, the modified siRNA,DNA oligo synthesis and the fluorescent labeling ,Hanhong provide whole-angle custom DNA,RNA synthesis,. Low price, high quality and quick deliver is our advantage.

Custom Organic Synthesis

With strong research and production teams equipped with top quality facilities , we can provide Custom Synthesis products from grams, kilograms to tons, especially heterocyclic building blocks and chiral chemicals.








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Research Chemicals

Hanhong   Reagent  Brief

Hanhong Chemical has been engaged in development and production of unnatural amino acids, protected amino acids, peptide, nucleotide, chiral reagents for nearly ten years. The species of those products is more than ten thousand with the scale from gram to Kg. All of those become core basis of Hanhong reagents. In recent years, Hanhong improved the scale of reagents manufacturing, and also strengthen the cooperation with domestic suppliers. Then the range of species expanded to advanced organic building blocks and organic synthesis reagent, therefore Hanhong can supply more than 20 thousand kinds of reagents.
Staff: Currently Hanhong has 9 laboratories specially engaged in manufacturing building blocks—4 for unnatural amino acids and protected amino acids, 1 for peptide, 1 for chiral reagents, 3 for building blocks. There are 60 chemists in total in the team of reagents production.
Facility: The area of reagents laboratories reaches 2000 m2, besides, the reagent factory gets 1000 m2 to set 50L-200L equipment in order to supporting reagents production.
Reagent Production Mode  
Synthesis in Hanhong laboratory or factory ------Refined-----Analysis---Packing---Hanhong Reagents.
Cooperation with domestic suppliers ----Purchasing raw materials of
reagents----Analysis---Refined----Packing---Hanhong Reagents.

    The leading species of Hanhong?  Reagents

There are 1200 species are mostly synthesized by Hanhong Chemical ourselves: unnatural amino acids and its derivatives, protected amino acids, short peptides, chiral reagent and chiral building blocks, which combined as core product of Hanhong reagents with absolutely low cost technical superiority. And for organic synthesis reagents and advanced organic building blocks, part of them are synthesized and packaged by  Hanhong , most of them are manufactured  in this mode: first purchased in crude product from other suppliers, and via  doing analysis, crystallization, QC, packing to become finished reagent.

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