Custom Peptide Services


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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Based on our own protected amino acids,Hanhong can provide custom synthesis peptides at lowest price in China.

Custom RNA,DNA Cynthesis

Based on the core technologies of the RNA,DNA monomer synthesis, the modified siRNA,DNA oligo synthesis and the fluorescent labeling ,Hanhong provide whole-angle custom DNA,RNA synthesis,. Low price, high quality and quick deliver is our advantage.

Custom Organic Synthesis

With strong research and production teams equipped with top quality facilities , we can provide Custom Synthesis products from grams, kilograms to tons, especially heterocyclic building blocks and chiral chemicals.








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Custom Peptide Services

Hanhong Chemical has substantial, long-standing expertise in providing custom peptides and peptidomimetics to the global scientific community. Our highly skilled and committed scientific staff ensures that the most appropriate methods and techniques are selected for every synthesis project. Using typical Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis(SPPS), combining with optimized solution phase procedures, chemistries involving a variety of protection schemes such as Fmoc and BOC approaches, we can we provide peptide with various putities from crude to 99%, scales from 1mg to several grams to match your research requirements.

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Range of services

  • Linear peptide: less than 60 residues, quantity from mg to kg, purity can reach 99%
  • Simple modified peptides: acetylation, amidation (C-terminal)
  • Complex modified peptides: phosphopeptides, myristic acid, fatty acid, cyclic peptides, peptides with s-s bonds, fluorescein (FITC&FAM) , biotin labeled peptides, peptide protein conjugation (KLH&BSA), special amino acide and their derivatives
  • The range of purity: crude、>70%、>80%、>90%、>95%、>98%
If you are not If you are not sure about what peptide purity to use, please check our Recommended Purity.

Options and Specialties

  • Fluorogenic and chromogenic peptides (FITC, 5-FAM, AMC, etc.) as well as peptide esters
  • Internally quenched peptides (Abz/nitroTyr, EDANS/DABCYL, MCA/DNP) guaranteed without fluorescent impurities
  • Immunogenic peptides (MAPs, palmitinylation, Pam3Cys labeling, etc.)
  • Phospho-peptides and peptidomimetics (amide bond isosteres, non-natural amino acids, etc.)
  • Labeling (non-radioactive isotope, chromophore, etc.)
  • Side-directed conjugations with KLH, BSA, ovalbumine or other carriers
  • Cyclic peptides (disulfide bridges, lactams, thioether-bridges, etc.)
  • Long peptides (>70 amino acids)

Please Inquire about additional services not listed here

Flow of Services

  • Provide competitive price for you in 1 day after receiving peptide sequence
  • Sign a confidential agreement if necessary
  • Delivery time is approximately 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2-3 weeks for purified peptides
  • The Lyophilized powder peptides will be delivered to you on time

We Offer

  • HPLC chromatogram report
  • Mass spectral analysis report

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