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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Based on our own protected amino acids,Hanhong can provide custom synthesis peptides at lowest price in China.

Custom RNA,DNA Cynthesis

Based on the core technologies of the RNA,DNA monomer synthesis, the modified siRNA,DNA oligo synthesis and the fluorescent labeling ,Hanhong provide whole-angle custom DNA,RNA synthesis,. Low price, high quality and quick deliver is our advantage.

Custom Organic Synthesis

With strong research and production teams equipped with top quality facilities , we can provide Custom Synthesis products from grams, kilograms to tons, especially heterocyclic building blocks and chiral chemicals.








Tech. & Facility----Health & Safety

Health, safety & environment (HSE) policy

To be positive to promote the HSE management in order to be one parts of our trading and production, and implement it in full-scale.

To strictly abide by the relevant laws, regulations and requirements.

To provide a safety workplace for employee and proper training to ensure them acquiring the awareness and skill so as to implement the policy.

To reduce the influence during the production and operation process, and to save resource.

To promise having a sustaining HSE management performance.

To evaluate the new technique, technological installation, products, and carry out the relevant preventive control.

To establish an accidental prevention and emergency system, controlling the impact on accident and incident.

To have open communication with our employees, customers, investor, shareholder, government and public community, and providing the information about HSE performance


Health, safety & environment (HSE) target

No healthy injury.

No safety accident.

No environmental pollution.


Health, safety&environment (HSE) managemnet system


Health, safety & environment are considered to be as a tangible value creation wherefore the reliance of the customers, business partner and shareholders is amplified. The company has established the HSE committee and department to ensure the HSE management according with the inner HSE standard as well as meeting the ISO9001:2000 Quality requirement.


Audit and inspection

The audit in the company should be carried out at lest one time per three years, including health, safety and environment and the inner &outer inspection. It is the independent specialists in company that implement these audits by chatting with the management and inspecting the site. At the same time, they will have a synthetic and systemic audit according to the list on the job. All the problems should be recorded and required to attach a detail reformation plan.

Inner audit: the company is required to audit in-house at lest one time a year according to the IS09001:2000 Quality.

The company is required to carry out once the safety inspection per month, recording the problems and working at them, making a detail reforming plan and tracing for the problems which can not be handled promptly

Outer audit: to be audited the IS09001:2000 Quality annually by the third party authenticated company and pass the license per three years.

Emergency Aid Management

The company has sufficiently prepared for the indigenous emergency risk existing in the chemical manufacture. The company has established an emergency organization so as to deal with the accident and emergency. Various self-saving activities can be developed before the professional persons come to the site, therefore, it can reduce the accidental damage toward person, material, facility and environment to the rock bottom.


Health, safety& environment (HSE) performance

We assess the performance by proper procedure and the current international standard in chemical industry.


Production in security

Safety first, and prevention first. We put the personnel safety into the first level all the time. Safety is the duty for all stuff, and everyone is basically responsible for the safety and health on their job. The company has found the specific HSE organization to have the safety measure in the work program implemented and consummated step by step. The company established an exclusive HSE department to ensure that the implementation and continuous improvement of security measures in working plans.

Knowledge is the guidance to action. Only by enhancing the security awareness can employees behave with self conscious. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to employee training which can improve their security quality to realize normalization of process measures as well as to reduce job injuries.


Energy and Water

The company\'s main consumption of energy resources is liquid fuel and electricity. The utilization of heat energy generated itself is also a small part of its resource, which is obtained by incineration of hydrogen and a few byproducts recycled in manufacturing process.

Water usage is divided in two main classes: process water and non-contact cooling water. All water used is the municipal administration running water. The process water is only 10% of the total fresh water consumption.


Waste Gas

The company adopts advanced technology to process waste gas. The gas from manufacturing process is treated by on-line installations. All of these installations together with production installations are furnished with chain protective facilities. When on-line installations go wrong, the production installations will stop automatically and so will the gas emissions. Thus the efficient treatment of all gas emission is ensured.


The company invested to set up a waste water treatment system and has got efficient results.


Employee Protection

The company has a highly automatic manufacturing technology, whereby the whole process is controlled automatically and there\'s no wastewater leaked during the process. It has good security protective facilities and also furnished with adequate and appropriate protective equipment, which ensures the employees\' safety and healthy.


Culture of HSE

It is still too many even if there\'s only one accident

All accidents and profession disease are preventable

Safety is the primary responsibility of the production and management

All operation can be controlled

Supervisors are responsible for training of every employee to operate safely

To provide safe working environment

Correct security awareness, attitude and behavior is one of the working requirements

Safety is the duty of everyone.

Working in a safe way is one of the employment conditions.


Health, safety & environment persistent developemnt

Persistent reformation

The technique of the product in the company has the advantage production technology and reasonable resource usage. It is considered not only the economic profit but also the zoology profit for the management of resource. It is a reforming and precise management system for reasonable usage of various materials and taking full use of resource, and handling discharging waste as well during the producing process. We have the clear awareness that it is our basic duty that we should take the limited resource into full consideration anytime when we make management decision.


Production, investigation, and exploitation

The company investigates the producing technology. From the beginning of the project, the HSE experts should be the members of the investigation team. Meanwhile, it is required to have a clear cognition for the efficient solution of the zoology and environment as the part of the whole project, including the selecting of the material, developing of technology, designing of products, protecting of resource and the optimization of material usage.


Waste transaction

The company devoted to reduce and even dispel the waste producing via reasonable installation and technique design, which is considered as the distribution of the integrated resource. We try our best to take good advantage and even recycle of the byproduct. None but the byproducts have been recycled and reproduced that the environmental system can run its efficiency. The company strictly abides by the relevant requirement of the nation and Sichuan province, Chengdu, controlling and handling the discharged waste.

Risk prevention

The company believes that it is the outstanding risk prevention performance that can make the company gain a long-term success. All the chemical technique are carefully analyzed and evaluated under the risk analysis system; all the relevant action which need to be corrected should end up before the new technique start up.

Safety measurement of the products

The safety usage, transportation, handling of the products depend on the related safety experts who evaluated the biologic and zoology toxicity characteristic and physical and chemical feature of our products, and take proper measure in the permissive scale. Under the requirement of the market, to meet all the law is the precondition of succeeding in distributing, for example, the distribution of the advice note, registration form, label and material safe data list. Comprehensive and timely information from the inner and outer customs and local government is also an important market condition.


We have the positive attitude toward the dialog communication with the neighboring community, discussing the current issue with the broad masses of the people concerned about most and finding out a compromise solution. We will clarify the permission of the continuous reform in HSE and respond to the questions the masses worried about as well as take proper measures

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